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Maybe you’re rocking a bathing suit, or your new chinos don’t have pockets. Whatever the case may be, if you’re wondering how to carry keys without pockets, we have the information you’ve been looking for.

This can be a challenging task, and only a select few can pull it off. Actually, anyone can if they follow this guide. It’s pretty simple, but there is one thing you need in order to make your pocketless key-carrying challenge successful. That is a key organizer with a pocket clip.

What is a Key Organizer?

A key organizer is a modern way to carry keys. It’s basically the end-result of your floppy keychain reading an organizational self-help book and putting the tips into practice.

These marvelous inventions take the loose keys rattling around on your keychain and condense them into a convenient and sleek looking tool. Not only does this reduce unwanted jiggling, it compresses the free-flowing keys you carry around each day into a more manageable solution.

What Key Organizer Should I Buy?

We have a few recommendations, which we will outline below. After that, we will provide you with actionable advice to carry keys without pockets.

Keep in mind each of these key organizers are good choices, and all have their pros and cons.

One is more durable than the others, one holds more keys than the other two, and one is more affordable than the rest. The choice all depends on what you are looking for when upgrading your keys.

Below are the three recommendations you can buy right now.

1. KeyBar (Most durable)

This heavy-duty organizer is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and rust-free stainless steel. When you order the KeyBar, it comes equipped with a removable titanium clip. What you see above is just the base product. If you need more, you can add extras inserts to accommodate things like a flash drive, bottle opener, or screwdriver. KeyBar is based in the United States, and makes their products in America.

  • Length of the KeyBar: 3.5 inches
  • Width of each rounded end: 0.95 inches
  • Distance between screw holes: 2.55 inches
  • Screw post diameter: 0.164 inches
  • Weight: less than 2 ounces

2. KeySmart Titanium (Holds up to 14 keys)

KeySmart Multi-Tool Key Holder

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03/06/2024 12:24 pm GMT

Another exciting key organizer company is KeySmart. They have a line of products that range from basic to high-tech. We like their Rugged model because it packs a lot into a small package without feeling like you’re overdoing it. This key organizer fits up to 14 keys and comes with a built-in bottle opener. It also has a loop to attach your car key fob so everything is together.

  • Frame thickness: 1 x 3 mm, 1 x 6.9 mm
  • Length from post to post: 76 mm
  • Max key length recommended: 80 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Batteries: included

3. EM Key Organizer (Most affordable)

The EM Key Organizer helps get rid of the bulk of keychains. It’s sleek, and thin, and easy to tuck away wherever you want. At only $25 it is the most affordable on our list while being a trustworthy everyday carry item that will ensure your keys can be organized and accessed with ease.

  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 0.634 ounces
  • Dimensions: (L x l x min H) 3.6in x 0.6in x 0.4in
  • Maximum Key Capacity: 14

5 Ways to Carry Keys Without Pockets

This may seem obvious after reading it, but the trick simple. After you’ve put your keys into a key organizer that has a clip, fasten the clip into the most logical spot on your outfit. Whether that’s the inside of your pocketless pants, the bill of your hat, or even onto your shoelaces. The clips on all our recommendations above are sturdy and will not slide off even under harsh conditions. Here are some tricks to carry keys if you do not have pockets.

1. Inside Your Pants

If you don’t have pockets on your pants, you can use a key organizer and clip inside the inseam of your pants. You can clip it where the organizer is facing out (probably more comfortable) or where the organizer is facing in. If you choose the latter, you could feel a little bit of discomfort with the key organizer pressing against your waist.

2. On Your Belt

Presuming you are wearing a belt with your pants or shorts, you can always insert your key organizer’s clip to your belt. From there it should stay fastened and you can go about your business trusting that your keys are clipped to your belt.

3. On Your Shoes (Laces or Tongue)

This one is most likely going to be the least comfortable of all the options. You can clip your key organizer to the tongue of your shoe, or the laces if you have them. If you plan to go running, consider a different option as the key clip may slide off depending on how hard you’re exercising.

4. On the Bill of Your Hat

If you’re wearing a hat, slide your key clip onto the bill. This is a really creative and easy way to carry your keys if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have pockets.

5. Shirt Pocket

Wearing a shirt with a pocket? If it’s sturdy enough, this is another option to to clip your key organizer on. A standard t-shirt’s pocket is likely not going to be strong enough to hold the keys, but a collared shirt will probably get you by.


The primary item you’ll need to carry keys without pockets is a key organizer with a clip. Without that, there are still options, but that tool is going to make the challenge a lot easier.

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