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If you want to have the best-looking beard possible, understanding how to use beard wax is crucial.

Quick Take

Using beard wax is pretty simple. Clean your beard, grab some wax, and comb it in! With that, there are a few things to know, and one thing to absolutely avoid. Read on to find out more.

If you’re new to beard wax, you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss everything you need to know, including how to apply and remove it, what it’s typically made of, as well as some of our personal favorite waxes.

What Is Beard Wax?

Beard wax is a facial care product for men that keeps beards in place and protects them from the elements. It’s not the same as beard balm. It has its own special ingredients that emphasize a more secure hold.

Depending on the beard wax, it can also give your facial hair a polished appearance and make it shine.

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Beard Wax and Beard Balm: What’s the Difference?

Beard wax and beard balm are not the same thing. While they are similar, they each have different beard applications.

Beard wax is designed to provide firmer grips, greater shaping, and weather resistance.

Beard balm, on the other hand, lacks beard wax’s firm grip. Instead, it’s used to refresh and brighten beards. Both wax and balm are available in a wide range of smells and designs.

Types of Beard Wax 

There are many types of beard wax on the market. Some are designed specifically to keep a beard in place, while others are made to make a beard shine.

We’ll go through some of the features to look for in beard wax.


Beard wax can have a variety of substances, so it’s critical to pick the proper one based on the composition.

Beeswax, coconut oil, perfumed oil, and even shea butter are some of the most popular components in beard wax.

Because beard wax interacts with your skin, opting for natural ingredients may help you avoid unpleasant side effects and allergic reactions.

We advise searching for brands that contain natural oils, butter, and beeswax when searching for your next beard wax.

Skin and beard irritation is less likely when these substances are used.


It’s also worth thinking about the different types of beard wax. Because there are so many different kinds, making the perfect decision can make or break your experience.

When we talk about diversity, we’re referring to the wax’s base material. Vegan, soy, organic, colored, and petrochemical-free beard wax bases are all popular.

Depending on your values, a vegan wax may be preferable to one manufactured with animal ingredients.

The following are some of the advantages of various wax bases:

  • Vegan: Not made with animal products
  • Soy: Long-lasting and the best fragrances 
  • Organic: Made with natural materials 
  • Tinted: Can alter the appearance of your beard 
  • Petrochemical-free: Improved quality with a lower cost


Beard wax is available in a variety of strengths. Stronger beard wax extends the life and shape of your beard in harsh conditions, but there is a cost.

The stronger the beard wax, the harder it is to remove.

On the other hand, beard wax with less holding strength is much easier to wash out. for making your beard look nice and it’s easier to remove.

Weaker grips, however, are more easily displaced by the wind and other forces.

Overall, the holding strength comes down to the texture and style you want to achieve.


The aroma of beard wax is one of its best features.

You can choose scents that make your beard smell like your favorite fragrance.

This can be a great compliment to whatever cologne you’re wearing, or if it’s strong enough, beard wax can even pinch hit for your cologne.

Some of these scents can be a real hit with the ladies.

Keep in mind that the smell can become overwhelming if you leave the beard wax on all day. In rare cases, the fragrance can cause an allergic reaction.

We recommend going with a lighter-scented beard wax if you plan on wearing your beard wax for an extended period of time.

It’ll still smell fantastic, but you’ll be less likely to get sick of it or have an allergic response to it.

However, if you plan to wear your beard wax for a shorter amount of time, definitely check out a stronger scented wax like Seven Potions.


Another appealing feature of beard wax is the variety of colors available.

While colors won’t substantially alter the shade of your beard, they can alter the tone and give it a tint.

If you want to keep your beard’s natural color, use a beard wax that’s close in color—some companies even have colors for specific beard kinds.

You may even be a little more creative and use a beard wax that gives your beard a gloss or a colour.

Choosing a brighter wax for a dark brown beard, for example, can make a darker beard sparkle.

How to Apply Beard Wax 

Applying beard wax is simple, but it must be done correctly.

When beard wax is applied incorrectly, it will not hold during the day and will become overly stiff.

The proper steps are listed below.

1. Start With a Clean Beard 

First and foremost, make sure you start with a clean beard.

Applying wax to a dirty beard makes the process challenging because of debris and oils.

Additionally, if you’re using a beard wax with vitalizing properties, opening your pores will assist the wax operate more quickly.

To get the best start, we recommend showering before using beard wax.

If a shower is not available, we suggest washing your face and beard with warm water to open your pores.

2. Hot or Cold

Beard wax is usually packaged in a tin. Some people prefer to use hot beard wax, while others prefer to use straight from the tin beard wax.

Warm beard wax has the advantage of being easier to sculpt. As a result, we suggest heating the beard wax before using it.

You can use a hairdryer or a microwave to warm the wax, but be sure it doesn’t become liquid. If it does, you’ll have to wait for the wax to harden before you can apply it.

Some beard waxes cannot be heated due to the chemicals. Before heating the beard wax, make sure to follow the instructions on the container.

3. Grab a Clump 

We recommend using a beard comb along with your hands to apply the beard wax.

Begin by putting a small amount of beard wax on the palm of your dominant hand.

From there, apply the wax to one side of your beard.

After that, gently massage the beard wax into your beard.

When the beard wax begins to absorb into your beard, you’ll know it’s working. It will become less visibly apparent, and that is how you can tell it’s being absorbed.

Depending on how much your beard can absorb, you can modify the amount as needed.

A good rule of thumb is that your beard should not have a lot of visible extra beard wax that can be felt or seen.

4. Comb Your Beard 

The next step is best done with a beard comb. Sure, you can use your fingers, but beard combs provide a cleaner finish.

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Take a beard comb and begin brushing your beard into your desired style. To avoid complications, we recommend utilizing small strokes.

It’s also important to note you can always add more wax if needed, so start with a small amount.

It’s easier to add beard wax than to remove it.

5. Move to the Other Side

This may seem obvious, but beard wax should be applied on both sides of your beard.

Spread the beard wax onto the opposite side of your beard and follow steps 2-4 above.

How to Remove Beard Wax

Removing wax from your beard is just as crucial as applying it.

Beard wax that is left in your beard can clog your pores, causing acne and other problems.

We understand how tempting it is to wash your beard with soap and water, but this method is not the best approach.

Thanks to advancements in beard wax components, there is now a safer and better option.

The steps are outlined below:

1. Beard Wax Conditioner and Beard Wash

You should use a beard wax conditioner or a beard wash if you’re planning to use beard wax.

These products make it simple to remove beard wax without harming your skin or beard.

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While you can skip this step, your beard will thank you for following it.

2. Apply Beard Wax Conditioner or Beard Wash

Grab a tiny clump of your favorite beard wax or conditioner and place it in the palm of your dominant hand.

Then, apply the beard wash or conditioner to both sides of your beard. Massage the beard wash into your beard to ensure that it is absorbed by your hair follicles.

Allow your beard to absorb the beard wash and bind with the wax for a few minutes.

When this happens, you’ll notice that it starts to infiltrate beneath the surface of your beard.

3. Grab a Wooden Beard Comb

The next step is to comb out the wax and beard conditioner/wash from your beard with a beard comb.

We recommend using a wooden comb for this phase.

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Because wax does not attach to the bristles of wooden combs, they are preferable to plastic combs.

Once you have your comb, remove the excess wax and conditioner/wash with gentle strokes.

4. Rinse Your Beard With Warm Water

Finally, give your beard a good rinse. To open the pores in your beard, rinse it with warm water. Wax and conditioner will not seep into your skin if your pores are open.

As tempting as it may be to wash your face with soap at this point, avoid doing so.

If you’re using a beard conditioner, let it on overnight and rinse it out in the morning with warm water.

Following these steps will help you remove beard wax without causing any harm to your beard.

Keep That Beard Clean 

Beard wax can be a complete game-changer for your beard. An unkempt and wild-looking beard can be transformed into a more dressed-up and formal look.

Don’t forget that beard wax also helps to revitalize and give your beard a polished finish. 

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