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I have a few flasks, but none feature a transparent window that shows me how much alcohol I have left. When I saw Ragproper’s Modern Glass Flask, I knew I had to have it.

One of the plus sides of a glass flask is flavor preservation. This If you have used a metal flask for any length of time, you may have noticed that after a while, you can taste a hint of metallic flavoring. You won’t have to worry about that with the Ragproper. The glass flask does not compromise the alcohol’s flavor integrity whatsoever.

Ragproper Modern Glass Hip Flask


  • 240ml - 1.5 inches thick x 5.8 inches tall (including lid) x 4 inches wide
  • 100ml  - 1.1 inches thick x 4.9 inches tall(including lid) x 3.3 inches wide
  • Flavor preservation
  • Leak proof
  • Sturdy
  • Fairly bulky compared to other flasks
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Somewhat bulky

Stylish and Practical

The Ragproper glass liquor flask is the ideal partner for your alcohol. The soft-touch silicone sleeve on these 100 ml and 240 ml glass bottles provides improved grip and feel. The silicone cover is adaptable, removable, and hand washable. Carry rum, whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, scotch, or any other alcohol in the glass flask.

Metal is not used in the design of the Ragproper break-resistant liquor glass flask.


Ragproper flash
  • Easy pour window allows you to keep an eye on the amount of alcohol in the flask
  • Comes with plastic and stainless steel covers
  • Additional cork and silicone liners supplied
  • Contains a food-grade silicone funnel with an air tunnel that makes filling your flask simple and bubble-free
  • Soft-touch, machine-washable silicone sleeve that is removable
  • Four stainless steel and plastic lids
  • Four additional silicone lid liners and four added cork lid liners
  • Two tailor-made smooth pour funnels for easy pouring and bubble prevention


The flask is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is easy to transport. Bring your liquor with you everywhere you go without fear of spilling or leaking. The easy pour window also makes it easier to keep track of how much alcohol is in the flask.


You can take this sleek, unobtrusive glass flask wherever and keep the party going, whether you’re camping, fishing, trekking, attending concerts, or attending weddings.

About Ragproper:

After a terrible experience drinking forgotten whiskey from a metal flask we scoured the internet in search of a glass flask, and could only find these relics from the golden age of flasks. Hence, we began our quest to design the modern glass flask and bring quality drink-ware to those who love their precious spirits.

Ragproper the name was formally used in old western slang meaning dress well, aka (gentleman). Although not used today, we thought we would bring back the old lingo.

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